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Graining brushes beside a timber panel with a grained finish

Imitation Timber Graining - Lisa Oestreicher

Decorating joinery with imitation wood grain in oil or distemper created the impression that common timber was of a higher quality and added pattern and richness to an interior. Architectural paint researcher Lisa Oestreicher explores the technique.

A graffiti tag on a historic terracotta facade

Repairing Public Monuments - Lucy Branch

The underlying reasons behind damage to public monuments can be more complex than straightforward theft or mindless vandalism. Here monuments conservator Lucy Branch examines the motivations and wider context of this kind of heritage crime.

Historic house with parkland and lake in foreground

Trees and the Historic Environment - Sebastian West and Eric Heath

Beginning with an introduction to the evolving role of trees in landscape design, this article explores key issues associated with trees in the historic environment and includes valuable practical advice on managing historic trees for the future.

A roofer fits a new square stainless steel roofing 'roll' near a stone parapet

Criminal Damage - Jonathan Taylor

Criminal damage to historic buildings is a serious problem throughout the UK. Jonathan Taylor considers the causes of criminal damage to historic buildings, the nature of the resultant damage and approaches to prevention.

A traditional timber lock gate

Timber for Repairs - Peter Wilson

Experts from a range of fields are advancing our understanding of how timber ages and degrades. Here, Peter Wilson of Edinburgh Napier University explains how this knowledge might inform future timber conservation.

A classical sculpture is winched from its plinth for conservation

Finding Skilled Craftspeople - Jonathan Taylor

A 2013 CITB report revealed that most of the work carried out on traditional buildings in England and Scotland is carried out by non-specialist contractors. This article provides timely advice on how to find suitably skilled people to carry out conservation work.

Long-house facade incorporating masonry and compressed clay blocks

Repairing Clay Buildings - Peter Messenger

Cumbria's clay 'dabbins' have been dwindling over the last century as the craftspeople capable of maintaining them have died out. Here Peter Messenger explores their history, construction and repair.

The facade of a Grade II* listed country house (1692) in West Wales, following extensive conservation

Shades of Grey - Michael Davies

Conservation architect Michael Davies looks at some of the grey areas in current conservation legislation and policy, and argues for greater flexibility and compromise in negotiations between owners or developers and local authorities.

3D thermogram of a historic church showing air leakage at the junction between the original structure and a Victorian addition

Thermal Imaging - Maureen Young

Thermal imaging is fast becoming an indispensable tool for investigating solid masonry structures. But what exactly is it and what advantages can it offer over other survey techniques? Historic Scotland's Dr Maureen Young highlights its potential.

Mountains loom behind Eilean Donan Castle, built on an island in Loch Duich

Heritage Protection - Jonathan Taylor

The editor of The Building Conservation Directory supplies an overview of heritage protection legislation and government guidance around the UK, including listed building consent, scheduled monument consent and the ecclesiastical exemption.




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