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Cathedral Communications Limited first launched The Building Conservation Directory in 1993 to bring much needed information to owners of historic buildings and their consultants.

The Directory remains unique: it is still the only comprehensive source of information on products and services suitable for the conservation of historic buildings and their surroundings in the UK.

The 2015 edition provides over 200 pages of essential contacts for preservation, conservation and repairs, with details of almost 1,000 relevant organisations, companies and individual craftspeople. Owners of historic buildings can find everything they need here, from suppliers of lime putty and horse hair to historical researchers, and from specialist structural engineers to traditional timber frame builders.

Each edition also provides an excellent range of articles by leading specialists giving practical guidance on important issues (see below).

List of articles

  • Environmental Impacts – Craig Jones, Circular Ecology
  • Conservation and Heritage Statements – Liz Humble, Humble Heritage
  • Stiffness in Timber Floors and Ceilings – Jeff Stott, Mann Williams
  • The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act – Sarah Buckingham, Richard Morrice and Craig Broadwith, English Heritage
  • Remote Aerial Survey – Robert Demaus, The Demaus Partnership
  • Concrete Repairs – David Farrell, Rowan Technologies and Chris Wood, English Heritage
  • Repairing Scottish Slate Roofs – Moses Jenkins, Historic Scotland
  • Traditional Brickwork – Geoff Maybank, Maybank Buildings Conservation
  • Early and Vernacular Timber Doors – Tony Barton, Donald Insall Associates
  • Architectural Timber – Joseph Bispham
  • Georgian and Victorian Street Lighting – Jonathan Taylor, Cathedral Communications
  • Salvage and Sustainability – David Boulting, Cathedral Communications
  • Linseed Oil Paints and Mastics – Peter Kaczmar, BM TRADA
  • Decorative Masonry Repairs – Catherine Woolfitt, Catherine Woolfitt Associates
  • 19th-century Marbling – Francis Stacey, FE Stacey & Co, and Jane Davies, Jane Davies Associates
  • Tile Work of the 17th and 18th Centuries – Lesley Durbin, The Jackfield Conservation Studio
  • Professional Accreditation in Building Conservation – Lucy Stewart, AABC

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