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Cathedral Communications Limited first launched The Building Conservation Directory in 1993 to bring much needed information to owners of historic buildings and their consultants.

Now in its 25th annual edition, the Directory remains unique: it is still the only comprehensive source of information on products and services suitable for the conservation of historic buildings and their surroundings in the UK.

Each edition also provides an excellent range of articles by leading specialists giving practical guidance on important issues.

The Building Conservation Directory is also available as a free digital 'flipping book'. You can read it here.

Articles in the 25th edition

  • Fire Damage and Reconstruction – Justin Fenton and Iain King, Page\Park Architects

  • Development in World Heritage Sites – Ataa Alsalloum, University of Liverpool

  • Legislation Overview – Jonathan Taylor, Cathedral Communications Ltd

  • Masonry Bridges and the Importance of Lime – David Wiggins, Curtins Consulting

  • Thatch in Scotland – Jessica Hunnisett-Snow, Historic Environment Scotland

  • Marble Sculpture: Conservation, Consolidation and Repair – Angus Lawrence, Taylor Pearce Restoration Services

  • Cleaning and Restoring Fine Architectural Joinery – Vincent Reed, Vincent Reed Conservation & Restoration
  • Townscape Heritage and Heritage-led Regeneration – Victoria Hunns, TDR Heritage

  • Hydraulic Lime Production – Cristiano Figueiredo, University of Bath, Alison Henry, Historic England, and Stafford Holmes, Rodney Melville and Partners

  • Condensation in Historic Roofs – Iain McCaig, Historic England, and Brian Ridout, Ridout Associates

  • Paint Toxicity and Risk – Hesaan Sheridan, Heritage Testing

  • The Conservation of Wall Paintings – Lucy Kaszewska, Hirst Conservation

  • Building Preservation Trusts: Funding and Support – Jeremy Fenn, Heritage Trust Network

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